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August 31, 2018
Written by: Gretta Little (Director/Clinical Psychologist) There’s some very interesting research coming out of Deakin University at the moment on the therapeutic impact of dietary changes on depression. They recently completed a trial that showed that dietary improve...
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I watched 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) with my kids. I heard a lot of controversy about the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why before I even became aware of its existence (or even considered watching it). The reactions from media commentators and from schools peaked my interest. As a...
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Attending counselling can be a little overwhelming, and a lot of people are quite anxious about what will happen. Below are a number of questions that clients have prior to their first session, and some tips to help you be prepared. What do I need to bring? Bring your referr...
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I don’t want to go to school

February 17, 2017
As we settle back into the school year for most children and families there is an adjustment phase before we get back “to normal”. The reality for some children (and families) is the departure off to school is not always met with happiness and excitement. Some children e...
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I’ve been reading a really interesting book lately about exercise, overcoming depression and improving well-being. The authors Michael Otto and Jasper Smits explain the mental health benefits of exercise. 1.Its preventative. People who exercise regularly are less vulnerabl...
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