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Telehealth is a pre-arranged appointment with a psychologist over a phone or video call.

It is another way of providing mental health support to people who may otherwise not be able to access it. Aside from the different modes of communication, all Telehealth appointments are set up with the same outcomes in mind as a face-to-face session.

Who can use Telehealth?

At Helios, anyone can request Telehealth appointments. Whether you live far away from our clinics, such as in rural communities and different states, if you have to stay home because of illness or mobility challenges, or prefer to receive counselling services from the comfort of your home.

Please let our admin team or your psychologist know if you would like to attend via Telehealth.

How can you use Telehealth?

Once you request a Telehealth appointment, our admin team will contact you to book a time and date. For a video call appointment, you will receive an email with a Zoom link for video conferencing just before your appointment. For a phone call appointment, you will receive a telephone call at the time of the appointment.

Does Medicare cover Telehealth appointments?

If you have a GP Mental Health Care Plan, you can access the rebate for a Telehealth appointment. Alternatively, your private health insurance provider might rebate for Telehealth. NDIS appointments are also eligible for Telehealth.

DVA Veteran Cardholders

At Helios Psychology, we welcome DVA Veteran cardholders eligible for psychological services. The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) covers mental health services for its members if clinically necessary.

Eligibility for Veteran Cardholders

Veteran Gold Card:

  • All conditions and mental health treatments are covered.

Veteran White Card:

  • Specific and accepted conditions are covered.
  • Additionally, some cardholders may access fully funded mental health treatment under Non-Liability Health Care arrangements. 
  • To receive fully funded treatment, your White Card must cover mental health.

Regardless of your Veteran card type, you will require a valid referral from a General Practitioner before your appointment. For an initial treatment cycle, referrals can also come from a medical specialist, a treating hospital doctor, or a hospital discharge planner.

Treatment Cycle Details

Each referral lasts up to 12 sessions or one year, whichever comes first. After a treatment cycle ends, you need a new referral from your GP, medical specialist, treating hospital doctor, or hospital discharge planner to continue treatment. You can have as many treatment cycles as clinically necessary.

In some cases of severe or complex needs, you may receive tailored referral arrangements through the Risk Client Framework, approved by your GP.

Other Clinical Rebates

Additionally, our psychologists can see clients with approved funding for psychology from the following organisations

Insurance Commission of WA (ICWA)

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), either self-managed or plan-managed

Workers Compensation

Please mention your funding type when contacting your admin team, we will guide you through the process.