About Us

Who We Are

At Helios Psychology we have an experienced team of registered and clinical psychologists that aim to assist their clients in improving their mental wellbeing. Our team uses an individualised approach to each client that supports personal exploration and understanding, inner/outer conflict resolution, and supplies clients with strategies that can be utilized to maintain their mental health over the lifespan.

Practitioners at Helios Psychology utilise their professional experience and education, in combination with evidence-based research to guide their practice. Evidence-based treatments undergo rigorous scientific scrutiny to ensure their effectiveness in practice. Treatment is always conducted in the context of each client as a diverse, unique individual.

At Helios Psychology, we work with you to help you feel better now and into the future, using evidenced based treatments, tailored to you as an individual with a strong helping relationship between client and psychologist.

Gretta Little

Director & Clinical Psychologist

Our Mission

An essential element in effective treatment is creating a therapeutic alliance. A therapeutic alliance refers to a collaborative relationship between a practitioner and a client that is built on mutual respect and understanding.  It consists of three key elements: agreement on the goals of therapy, agreement on the tasks, and the development of a personal bond made up of reciprocal positive feelings. 

“Helios” refers to the god of the sun in Greek mythology. At Helios Psychology we endeavour to reflect this warmth, positively, and energy through our services.  Our clinic was established in 2014 to create a supportive environment for our practitioners to connect with clients.

Your Journey to a Better You Starts Here.

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