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For many people, the fast pace of modern living and aspects of our daily life, whether personal or work related, can contribute to life stressors and our ability to deal with them.

Our experienced team of professional psychologists provide a range of psychological counselling services for children, adolescents and adults.

Our Services

Psychology Support

Our experienced psychologists tailor evidenced-based therapy to each individual client. We assess and treat children, adolescents, adults and couples. We also offer specialist assessments for ADHD, Autism and Learning Differences. 

Our aim is to support people of all ages to quickly and effectively overcome their challenges, build positive emotional well-being and enhance their day to day living. 

Our Services

Couples Counselling

For many of us, our relationships are an imperative component of our own mental health. You may desire to be in a loving, committed and fulfilling relationship. When conflict develops in our relationships it can become unhealthy and lead to emotions such as: grief, loneliness, frustration, hurt, and anger.

Our aim is to support people of all ages to quickly and effectively overcome their challenges, build positive emotional well-being and enhance their day to day living.

Frequently Asked Questions


Helios Psychology is here to help, every step of the way.

Our client relationship officers can help you with any questions you might have.

Prior to your first appointment, our administration team will ask for a copy of your mental health care plan and referral letter (if you are attending with Medicare). You will also be asked to complete our client intake forms prior to your first appointment. All you will need to bring on the day of your appointment is form a payment for the session. 

Some clients may bring a list of things they want to discuss, this can be a useful strategy for the first session.

When you arrive, please check in with one of our administrators at the front desk. They will let you know if there is any paperwork that needs to be completed prior to your appointment. Once you have checked in, take a seat and your psychologist will collect you at the time of your appointment.

What you will talk about in the first session will differ depending on the practitioner. Generally, your psychologist will ask you a few questions relating to the reason you are attending therapy. The purpose of the first session is: 

  1. For the psychologist and the client to get to know each other
  2. For the psychologist to under the problem(s)
  3. To develop the clients therapy goals or treatment plan


The first session usually goes very quickly. Your psychologist will assist you in booking a follow-up session.

What happens in the follow up sessions depends on the nature of the reason that you are attending therapy. You and your psychologist will discuss your therapeutic needs and develop an action plan. Some individuals may attend weekly or fortnightly sessions, some clients may attend monthly.

Crying is a very normal reaction whilst discussing distressing or emotional topics. Clients displaying emotion, whether it be crying or another emotional reaction, is something our psychologists experience frequently. We hope to provide you with a space where you can feel safe to experience your emotions.

The relationship you build with your psychologist is an essential component of attending therapy. If you feel that your psychologist is not the right fit for yourself, please consult a member of our administration team and they can assist you in finding a practitioner who you may be better suited to.

If you feel that therapy is not assisting you to reach your therapy goals, consult your psychologist. An alternate therapy approach may be better suited to yourself. Sometimes, it may take exploring multiple strategies to find the best resolution. If you require assistance from an alternate or additional service provider (e.g., psychiatrist or speech pathologist) your psychologist can also help to link you in with these services.

It is important to talk to your child/adolescent about why you think it is will be helpful for them to attend therapy. Once you can get your child/adolescent into the clinic, it is the psychologist’s job to engage with them and build a therapeutic relationship. For younger children, it is appropriate for the parent to stay in for the session until they feel comfortable. If your child ultimately refuses to attend do not force them. In some cases, seeing the psychologist yourself (as a parent) can be helpful in giving you strategies to respond productively and effectively to your child.

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