Psychological Assessment Information

Helios Psychology is a provider of the following comprehensive assessments: 

  • ADHD 
  • Learning difference 


Due to the complex nature of assessment, fees can differ significantly between clients depending on their individual needs. 

If you would like to be sent a general fee schedule for any of our assessments, please enter your email and request below. 

Therapy Fees

Helios Psychology is a private billing clinic. Service fees apply for appointments. Our current fees schedule is listed below, however, this is subject to change. The current APS recommended fee (2022-2023) for a standard consultation is $280.00. 

Psychologist Type 

Full Fee

Medicare Rebate 

Gap Payment 

Clinical Psychologist




Registered Psychologist 




If you would like to receive the Medicare rebate for your psychological sessions, please ensure that you have a mental health care plan referral from your general practitioner, psychiatrist, or pediatrician, prior to your first appointment. 

Private insurance claims differ depending on your private insurer and level of coverage. Please inquire with your private insurer to see if you have coverage. 

Helios Psychology does take on self-funded and plan-managed NDIS, Department of Veteran Affairs, Criminal Injury Justice, and Insurance Commission of Western Australia clients. Please enquire to see if our services are the right fit for yourself. 

Please note that the current APS National Schedule of Recommended Fees 2022-2023 for a standard consultation is $280.00. 

Please contact the Helios Psychology administration team for further details. 

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