East Fremantle


Ear to Ear!

We are experiencing an unexpected and unprecedented time – quite literally living through each day of a major historical event.

Our market-based, hyper-individualistic culture is rethinking the tenets of how we live with others, and many people are now embracing the principle of ‘look after each other’ – a value that has been diminishing for many years from our frantically fast modern culture that thrives on immediacy and convenience.

As we spatially distance ourselves from others, we also want to stay socially connected. Text or email is convenient, and we all enjoy video calls, sharing photos, and Facebook. However, some older friends and family members, or perhaps your neighbour who lives by herself, may prefer the good old-fashion way of communicating – a simple phone call, ear to ear! Tap in the numbers on your phone keypad that will connect you to someone special, and enjoy a good old chin wag. 

Spend 5 minutes chatting without visual distractions and you may be quite surprised at how good you feel, and more importantly, how special you made someone else feel by taking the time to check-in.


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